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News section with facts about travelling in a covid-19 era.

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The coronavirus pandemic has made travel a taboo subject. But, is that fair? That is the question we will answer in this section. As travel experts, we say ‘Let’s check!’ We have checked the myths about travelling during the pandemic and are to provide reliable information supported by scientific evidence.

For more than 15 years we have been accompanying millions of travellers and provided information on almost every subject related to travel. In the age of a pandemic, we know how important reliable information is. We, as a trusted partner, want to facilitate access to this information so that everyone can safely enjoy their travels.

Knowledge is our know-how. And as we all know, knowledge is strength. Thanks to the articles in this section you will learn about travelling in times of a pandemic. Whether the plane is really safe and whether your stay in a hotel will remain a pleasant memory. Take advantage of our experience and be ready for a peaceful and safe journey.

What to look out for when planning a trip now?

Travelling during a pandemic is not all that difficult to organise. In this article from our ‘Safe Travels’ series, we will inform you about what to look out for when planning trips both big and small. You will find tips on restrictions and tests, as well as on safety at airports, on planes and in hotels.

Is it safe to fly during the pandemic?

In this article, you will learn if travelling by plane is safe. We’ll show you the facts and information that will answer your questions and will allow you to calmly plan your future trips!

Travelling during the pandemic: safety at the airport

This is where travel by plane begins. Due to the pandemic, there have been new rules and regulations implemented in order to ensure the safety of travellers and the airport staff. So, what has been changed?

Safety in hotels during a pandemic

Safety during a pandemic is one of the major topics currently. Is staying in the hotel safe? Read our summary of the safety practices in hotels, so your stay will be both safe and pleasant.

Travelling during the pandemic: quarantine and coronavirus tests

Recently there have been a lot of questions about the quarantine and the tests required before and after international travel. In this article you will find all the necessary information on this matter.

Travelling with kids during the pandemic

Parents need to follow specific rules when travelling with children. Trips with children during the COVID-19 pandemic are similar to those before, however, there are some new requirements.

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