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Where can you fly to?

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Traveling is cheap! In the “Deals” tab you will find the best flight deals to any part of the world. “Deals” is a place where every day you can find all the attractive flight offers from various airlines in one place. Whether you want to travel to a country in Europe or on the other side of the ocean, “Deals” is a place where you can easily and quickly find the best options for you.

Choose the most suitable insurance

Regardless of where you travel to, it is always good to take out the right insurance. A well-chosen insurance policy will make your trip safe and give you peace of mind. In our offer, you will find two types of insurance that will ensure convenience both before and during the trip. You will also be able to cancel the trip for private reasons. Insurance is a basic element of every trip.

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Are you looking for inspiration? You just don’t know where to go or how to organize a trip? On our blog, you will find articles and guides prepared by both eSky experts and enthusiasts of small and large trips. The blog is a place to find inspiration and share travel accounts – some articles are created in conjunction with well-known bloggers who know traveling inside out.

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What should you know about traveling these days? The “Safe Travel” news website is where you’ll find expert advice. If, when planning your trip, you have ever wondered which hotel to choose or how to take care of your safety at the airport or on a plane, you will find the answers to these questions on our website. “Safe Travel” provides proven and reliable information that will help you plan every trip.

See the current travel rules

Traveling in times of the pandemic is easy and safe as long as you have access to up-to-date information on the current restrictions. On the “Travel Restrictions” website you can instantly check the rules for traveling to any country in the world. In just a few clicks you get access to all the information on travel rules you need to know during the pandemic. In addition to important information about restrictions, on the website, you can also check visa requirements as well as quickly buy an eVisa.

Where can you fly without a test and self-quarantine?

Travel during the COVID-19 pandemic is not as difficult to organize as it may seem at first glance. Admittedly, the coronavirus has changed our plans for holidays and other trips, but booking flights, hotels and the trip itself does not have to be complicated.

The COVID-19 pandemic: where you can go

Since vaccination against COVID-19 has started in many countries around the world, local authorities are introducing new rules for crossing borders, quarantine or presenting a COVID-19 test at the border. While until recently it was difficult to name a country where you could fly to without a test or quarantine, now the list of countries which you can enter after getting vaccinated without additional procedures is increasing.

Traveling after vaccination without having to get a COVID-19 test result or self-quarantine is not the only option to travel overseas. There are also countries where you can fly without getting vaccinated, quarantine is not mandatory, and procedures at the airport are also not complicated. What is the list of countries to which you can travel safely and freely, although the coronavirus is still with us?

List of countries where you can go without quarantine and testing

Where can I go on vacation during the pandemic? As the list of countries to which you can fly after vaccination without quarantine and testing is dynamically changing, we have prepared an interactive map that is constantly updated. Thanks to this, you can easily check which countries accept vaccinated travelers or do not require presenting a certificate confirming that the person received a negative test result.

How to find out where to fly without tests

How to get to know where you can fly without a test, which countries accept vaccinated travelers without mandatory self-quarantine? For the results to be fully reliable, the first thing you need to know is whether you are already fully-vaccinated with all the required doses of the vaccine. In addition, you should also set the citizenship and country of departure, if it is different from the default, as well as the type of travel – whether you want to fly to another country or plan a domestic trip. After providing all the information, the interactive map will show all information about the rules of crossing the borders and the related COVID-19 restrictions. To check them, just hover over the selected country on the map to find out the general rules of arrival, and then click to see the detailed requirements. In addition to information on whether it is possible to fly to a given country without tests and quarantine after vaccination, the map will help you find out if and in what situations in the selected country you should cover your mouth and nose with a mask.

It is best to check on a regular basis, where vaccinated or unvaccinated people can travel without testing and self-quarantine and plan your trips based on the information from our interactive map. If the selected destination requires additional procedures, the map will help you prepare properly and set off to explore the world without worries!

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