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All Risk trip cancelation insurance

All Risk online trip cancelation insurance

What is All Risk trip cancelation insurance?

Trip cancellation insurance protects you against money loss in the event that you have to cancel your trip for documented personal reasons that make the trip impossible, and that are not indicated in the exclusions of liability. This also applies to contracting COVID-19 or quarantine. It is recommended for eSky customers. Only available when booking tickets on our website.

All Risk insurance

With this insurance you will get a refund:

  • for any proven personal reason, including: exam date change, loss of job, illness of the insured, even illness of a dog or a cat, etc.,
  • also in the case of contracting COVID-19 or compulsory quarantine,
  • in the amount of 90% of the cost of the flight ticket

This insurance is for you if:

You are planning a trip during the pandemic

You want to protect yourself against trip cancelation costs

You are afraid of unforeseen events before your trip

You book flight tickets on eSky

How to buy insurance?

It’s easy. You can purchase All Risk trip cancelation insurance when booking your ticket on eSky. Find your flight now, buy the policy and be protected!

Important documents

All Risk trip cancelation insurance

All Risk trip cancelation insurance

Example of All Risk trip cancelation insurance certificate
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General Terms and Conditions of All Risk trip cancelation insurance
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The insurance agent servicing this group insurance is We Care Insurance Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Katowice (40-265), at Murckowska street 14A.

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